The Swedish Olympic Committee

The Swedish Olympic Committee, SOC, is the supreme authority for the olympic movement within Sweden.

38 members

The committee consists of 38 member federations, the national sports federations for the olympic sports and 18 recognized federations (recognized by the International Olympic Committee, but not currently on the olympic programme)

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Executive board

The committees executive board contains of a president and eight board members elected by the members for a period of four years. In addition the board also consists of a athlete representative shosen by the Athletes Commission and Swedish members of the International Olympic Committee.

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The mission

The mission for SOC is to prepare and operate the country´s participation at the Olympic Games and contribute to competitive Olympic teams. Based upon this, SOC will strive for:

  • Give athletes possibility to evolve within sports no matter of background, sex or financial position
  • Inspire people to evolve within sports
  • Spread the Olympic values; friendship, respect and strive for excellence

The aim

Sweden will be a successful sports nation with capacity of medals within several sports. The long term aim is that the Swedish Olympic Team has a capacity to fight for 20 medals (five gold medals) at the Olympic summer games 2028 and winter games 2026.

International representation

SOC manage the represenation and collaboration between Sweden and the international Olympic Movement. Sweden plays an active role with IOC, ANOC and the EOC, especially through the General Secretary of ANOC, Gunilla Lindberg.

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The history

The Swedish Olympic Committee was founded on the 27th of April 1913 at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm, Sweden. The inaugural meeting consisted of eleven men: the crown prince Gustaf Adolf and five men from each of the federation Swedish gymnastics- and sportsfederations national association (today called Sveriges Riksidrottsförbund, RF) and the Swedish United federation for promoting sports, SCIF (organization committee for the Olympic Games in Stockholm 1912). Before the constitution of SOC the Swedish participation in the Olympic Games was arranged by temporary committees formed for each Games.

SOC presidents through history:

  • 1913-1933 HRH Prince Royal Gustaf Adolf
  • 1933-1947 HRH Prince Gustaf Adolf
  • 1947-1997 HRH Prince Bertil
  • 1997-2000 Carl-Gustav Anderberg
  • 2000- 2016 Stefan Lindeberg
  • 2016-2018 Hans Vestberg
  • 2018-2023 Mats Årjes
  • 2023- Hans von Uthmann


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